cool roof systems warranties10 year, 15 year and 20 year

CCJJ LLC warrants its products to be of merchantable quality and suitable for the general purpose for which they were intended, when applied in accordance with CCJJ LLC’s instructions. CCJJ LLC does not warrant its products to be suitable for any purpose or use other than for which they were intended. Liability under this warranty is limited to supplying new material without charge, or at CCJJ LLC’s option, to a refund of the purchase price. In the event of a claim under this warranty, notice must be given in writing at the address shown hereon. This Limited Warranty is in lieu of any other warranties, express or implied, including those of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose, which extend beyond the description on the label and printed recommendations. CCJJ LLC is not responsible for incidental or consequential damages, however occasioned. Please see Coat ‘N’ Cool roof coating warranty for additional information.

Cool Roof Warranty

Product Warranties Available
CCJJ LLC product warrants are available for 5, 10, 15 and 20 year policies.

Water-proofing Warranties Available
CCJJ LLC water-proofing warrants are available for 5, 10, 15 and 20 year policies.


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