Cool Roof CoatingsAdvantages

Advantages and Benefits
Reduce the cost of energy used for cooling by 10 to 30 percent.
Wall applications reduce the cost of energy used for cooling
up to an additional six percent.

Can be applied on walls, low slope roofs, steep sloped roofs.

Replacement of entire roof or wall system not required -
simply patch and apply.

Can be sprayed with commercial sprayer (0.17 tip) or applied with
a ¾ to 1 inch nap paint roller.

Excellent adhesion allows for use on varied surfaces: aluminum,
asphalt emulsions, concrete, foam roofing, galvanic metals, glass,
plastics, wood, stucco, and brick.

Increases of occupant comfort and productivity, especially in non-air conditioned areas.

Decreases roof maintenance costs by coating and protecting roofing materials and reducing up to 84 percent of solar heat adsorption,
thereby greatly reducing surface temperatures.

May contribute to Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification (SS 7.1, SS 7.2).

Addresses air pollution and global warming concerns, and contributes
to the reduction of the local “Urban Heat Island Effect.”


Areas For Application

► New and Existing Commercial Buildings
► Maintenance Facilities
► Non-HVAC structures
► Storage Facilities and Hangers
► Schools and Universities
► Multi-Family Housing
► Mobile Homes and Offices


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  • Is Coat ‘N’ Cool’s water-borne epoxy coating a water-proofer?
    Coat ‘N’ Cool® 5407 Basecoat and 5417 Topcoat, being a 1-part water-borne epoxy is water resistant and will hold back water. When used with Coat ‘N’ Cool® 1752 Elastomeric Underseal, Coat ‘N’ Cool’s water-borne epoxy coating can be considered a water-proofer.

  • Can Coat ‘N’ Cool® be applied to a roof that experiences constant water ponding?
    Any coating will eventually fail on a roof that experiences constant ponding. Hence, constant ponding is an issue that must be remedied prior to the application of Coat ‘N’ Cool. Please see product application guides for more details.

  • Is Coat ‘N’ Cool an insulator?
    Coat ‘N’ Cool is not an insulator and CCJJ, LLC (makers of Coat ‘N’ Cool®) does not make any claims that it will increase the R-Value of a properly insulated structure. Coat ‘N’ Cool coating systems will, however, reduce exterior and interior temperatures of a structure by reflecting (blocking out) solar radiation. CCJJ LLC also makes no claims that it will keep a structure warmer in colder months.       

  • Is Coat ‘N’ Cool’s water-borne epoxy coating just for roofs?
    Coat ‘N’ Cool can be used for vertical applications just as effectively as for roofs. In fact, coating both roof and wall (full envelope) will produce additional energy savings. For residential properties, vertical applications may be preferable since coating the roof can be difficult and may change the home’s aesthetics.

    Does Coat ‘N’ Cool® only have water-borne epoxy coatings?
    Coat ‘N’ Cool® also provides an acrylic elastomeric roofing system that, when properly applied, can also provide a water-proofing system. For more information please review the application guides for 1752 Elastomeric Underseal and 1680 Elastomeric White Coating.

  • Is Coat ‘N’ Cool® just for existing construction?
    Coat ‘N’ Cool may be applied during new construction, or while repairing or upgrading a pre-existing structure or roof.

  • When re-applying Coat ‘N’ Cool® products, do I need to remove an existing Coat ‘N’ Cool® application?
    If the original coating is still holding up with no major cracks or imperfections, simply clean via power wash, let dry and apply the new coat. If the application consisted of a color coat, then a basecoat application will be required prior to re-applying the color coat.

  • How much will the client save by applying Coat ‘N’ Cool® products?
    The short answer: 10 to 30 percent of cooling costs. Actual energy savings, however, will depend on many factors: location of the structure, construction materials, size, area under HVAC, etc.

  • Is there a warranty on Coat ‘N’ Cool® products?
    Coat ‘N’ Cool® offers several limited warranties and product and labor warranties for all “qualified” projects. Please contact us for more information of these warranties. “Qualified” projects are projects installed by an authorized dealer or applicator.